El Pedal Tinto – DOCa Rioja


El Pedal de Hermanos Hernáiz is a red wine produced by the winery Viñedos Hermanos Hernáiz (Finca La Emperatriz) in Baños de Rioja, D.O.Ca. Rioja.

El Pedal de Hermanos Hernáiz is a fluid, blunt and fresh wine. It stands out for its fruity expressiveness with elegant notes of toasting and liquorice.

El Pedal 2018 is a juicy red wine with aromas of wild red fruit, notes of violet flowers and light toasted touches. On the palate it is fresh, light and direct. An easy to drink wine with a pleasant finish that is perfect for serving at a lower temperature than usual.

Pairing: Cold meat, Poultry, Roasted lamb, Grilled turkey