Viñas Elias Mora 2018 – DO. Toro


Viñas Elías Mora is a red wine produced by Bodegas Elías Mora in San Román de HornijaD.O. Toro.

 Bodegas Elías Mora is a winery that was founded in 2000 by two Victorias (Victoria Benavides and Victoria Pariente) who chose to make high-quality wines since the very beginning in D.O. Toro. Currently, the winery is directed by Victoria Benavides, one of the most notorious women in the Spanish wine scene.

The vineyards of the winery Bodegas Elías Mora (the name of the former owner of these vineyards), located amidst the Duero and the Hornija rivers, planted on calcareous soils with surface gravel and poor in organic matter, are cultivated in a traditional way, with low yields. These vineyards are planted with pre-phylloxera Tinta de Toro vines. Therefore, they have not been grafted.

All of this allows Bodegas Elías Mora to make wines with the utmost quality, from local vineyards that show all the character and the tradition of a historic wine area in Spain.

Red wine aged for 6 months in American oak barrels. Viñas Elías Mora 2018 is a juicy, intense and pleasant wine. On the nose, the aromas of black fruit stand out, with toasted notes of the ageing process. In the mouth, it is concentrated and very fruity. An extremely versatile wine.