Elias Mora Crianza 2016


Bodegas Elas Mora is situated between the rivers Douro and Hornija, vineyards are built on soils with plenty of gravel in surface, deep brown limestone and poor in organic matter. The extreme continental climate, low rainfall and altitude modulate the quality of the grape, Tinta de Toro, perfectly tailored, after over 600 years established in the area.

2016 is an excellent vintage in D.O. Toro. With a somewhat particular autumn due to scarce rainfall and slightly higher than normal temperatures. It wasn’t until early January that the rainfall went back to normal. From February to March, temperatures and rainfall were normal, so the water reserves and the growth cycle began correctly. Budding and flowering were delayed for a few days due to low temperatures in May. The high temperatures start at the end of June, boosting the flowering and growth process. The summer went by without any major weather events until mid-September, when light rains and a drop in temperatures led to a slower ripening until the start of the harvest, which arrived with an optimum degree of ripeness. The wines of this vintage present a great balance between ripeness and acidity. Wines fresh in their youth and prepared to age perfectly.

Elías Mora Crianza 2016 is a mature, powerful and balances wine. On the nose, the aromas of black fruit stand out, with toasted and slightly spicy notes. In the mouth, it is meaty, with volume and somewhat fresh.